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Dr. Allison M. Adams treats the individual dental needs of adults and children in a caring and professional atmosphere. Her vision is to change people's perception of dentistry.  
Dr. Allison M. Adams, recognized as one of the Top Dentists in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 in New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly Magazine, was born and raised in Madison, New Jersey, and is proud to deliver comprehensive dental care to her friends and neighbors. She completed her undergraduate studies in 1985 at the College of St. Elizabeth and went on to study dentistry at the UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School, graduating in 1991. Over the past 22 years she has traveled the country and spent hundreds of hours in seminars, study clubs and other continuing education courses in order to stay current on advances in the field. She has completed a comprehensive post-graduate program in orthodontics.  Dr. Adams has dedicated herself to the art and science of cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry.   As a Certified Invisalign Premier Provider and member of numerous orthodontic organizations for general dentists, Dr. Adams is able to incorporate tooth movement, be it minor or major, to supplement a patient's care. She looks at the whole face and takes into consideration future growth when designing a patient's treatment plan.   As a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr. Adams is able to help diagnose and treat both snoring and sleep apnea.  Whether it is "just snoring" that is disturbing a bed partner, or the more dangerous Obstructive Sleep Apnea, that puts you at higher risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes, Dr. Adams can treat these situations with the use of a customized oral appliance. Looking at the whole patient is a priority for Dr. Adams. Whether it is a reluctant three year old who is visiting the office for the first time, or a patient with complex dental needs, Dr. Adams takes the time to understand the patient's needs, make them comfortable and provide an outstanding level of care.
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