Board of Ed Votes to Keep Its Custodians

New contract approved for Madison Facilities Staff Association; Aramark contract pulled from agenda.

The Madison Board of Education voted Tuesday night to approve a new contract for the 20 custodians in the Madison Facilities Staff Association and Superintendent Dr. Michael Rossi said it's time for the district to move on from a controversial proposal to outsource most of the school district's custodial services to another company.

The school board unanimously approved the contract for the district custodians, and then voted to remove agenda items related to awarding a contract to Aramark to handle most of the school district's custodial services starting next school year, which was up for vote. Board Vice President Pat Rowe cast the lone no vote against pulling the Aramark contract from the agenda.

Board President Lisa Ellis said the issues remain with school cleanliness and a staffing shortage, which some officials said the outsourcing plan was meant to address, but the board is counting on provisions in the new contract and community involvement to improve the conditions of the schools.

Anonymous May 29, 2012 at 12:26 AM
That sounds like paying more for less. I thought Mr. Wells swore that the non-outsourcing solution was just as costly as outsourcing. Was he lying to us?
Anonymous May 29, 2012 at 01:55 AM
A friend pointed out that when you scanned through the pictures that NJ.com posted from the meeting, especially the shots of the crowd, all you see are public sector workers and their family members. Where are all the average Madison taxpayers? Are we supposed to assume that they sat out the meeting because they were in opposition to the outsourcing? My guess is that the dozens of people who showed up were the sum total of the people opposing outsourcing, not just the tip of the iceberg. http://photos.nj.com/summit-photos/2012/05/madison_board_of_ed_meeting_ma_19.html
Anonymous May 29, 2012 at 03:42 AM
"Mutual Sacrifice," what does that mean? To Liberals, it's just another excuse to raise taxes. We've seen it time after time in NJ. We're already up to Millionaires Tax Number 3 or 4. For some reason, no matter how many times we raise the tax rate, politicians seem to find a way to spend it all and more, and then come back demanding that "the rich" "pay their fair share," or "mutual sacrifice." As Yogi would say, "It's Déjà vu all over again." Why should anyone pay more in taxes when our elected officials refuse to take even the most simple actions that would save us all money? On the Obama Front, you'll be happy to know that even the Liberally Leaning PolitiFact team found it laughable when Cory Booker tried to claim that discretionary spending under Obama was the lowest it had been in decades. In fact, it's higher than it's been in 20 years! http://www.politifact.com/new-jersey/statements/2012/may/28/cory-booker/cory-booker-claims-obama-has-overseen-nations-lowe/
Friends, Romans (West Madisonians) and other Madisonians. Please do not get all worked up about liberal versus conservative, democrat versus republican - because the fact is that both love to spend money - just on different things. Some like guns, some like butter. Both of our major political parties love buying both - using someone else's borrowed dime. Even the Governor is going back to the well to pay for tax cuts we cannot afford despite his campaign promises not to. So unless he is a Liberal, that means conservatives love to spend money they don't have either. So both wings - get over yourselves. One last thing. Unless you all are brain dead, it is quite obvious that Obama is going to win quite easily this November. So for those of you that cannot stand him, please stop whining about it. Liberals survived Bush intact after 8 years, Conservatives will still be around after 8 years of Obama. He is doing a pretty good job despite conservative efforts to wreck the economy even more than they did when they were in charge. Peace be upon you all. Aladdin J.
Anonymous May 29, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Interesting update on the Aramark/Roxbury janitor who was caught stalking a student - http://newjerseyhills.com/mt_olive_chronicle/news/mount-olive-janitor-reassigned-after-charged-with-stalking-in-roxbury/article_170235ac-a8c4-11e1-b7ac-001a4bcf887a.html According to the article, he's worked for the Mt. Olive BOE for 10 years! I guess they also are bottom feeders and he was paid so little that he needed a second job. Additionally, whereas Aramark terminated him immediately, Mt. Olive is simply reassigning him. Seems like his union contract will provide him with the ability to remain on the job until his case in Roxbury is adjudicated. Not sure that that is what's best for the children of the MO school district.


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