The Embarrassed Republican: What Mitt Won’t Say Tonight

When your supporters don't want to hear the hard facts you don't make concrete policy, you have "ideas."

It has been a mystifying summer waiting for the Romney campaign to put out one concrete proposal.  To be fair he has said he’ll repeal “Obamacare” and that he’ll cut the federal tax rate by 20 percent while eliminating tax breaks and “loopholes” to make up the difference.  He just hasn’t said which ones, but don’t hold your breath waiting for him to.

For my money I don't think Mitt Romney is the ideologue he’s trying to portray, the one many of his supporters are forcing him into conjuring.  He’s a candidate who’s stuck not being specific because frankly, many of the groups who’ve come together to get him to the Presidency won’t like the specifics.  He’s a business man with a shrewd grasp of finance, and he knows that repairing the economy will take a lot more jobs, a lot more revenue and a lot less spending.  He just can’t say how to get those things.

If he says exactly how we provide more jobs then he embarrasses the Representatives in Congress who are blocking the jobs bills.  They are relying on the magic of "Tax breaks" for "Job creators" to make oodles of jobs, and continue paying for their campaigns.  If he says specifically how the goverment will develop more revenue, then Grover Norquist and pretty much all the Tea Party’ers will rise up and smite him.  Republicans aren't allowed to use the "T" word, no matter how well disguised.  If he ever describes his “Immigration reform plan” seas of the America first and America only people will heat the tar and start emptying pillows.  Their idea of immigration reform is fully packed busses headed for the Mexican border, anything else is amnesty.  If he says we need a lot less spending and names what needs to be cut to actually reduce the deficit, all hell will break loose.  He knows this.  The disaster and disaffection potential is stunning, like backlash on steroids.

A good example of this kind of backlash is what’s been happening since Paul Ryan became his running mate.  Mr. Ryan began his allegiance by touting his “tough minded” budget which included a kind of voucher plan for medicare.  That did not go over very well, in fact if anything has been proved this summer it is that threatening Medicare or Social Security is not a wise campaign move.  Mr. Ryan forgot that in addition to the 47% currently using some form of government social service there are at least another 40% that are planning to.  How many people can we name who are going to turn down their Social Security retirement checks?  This is why Mr. Ryan has been on the back burner for a month or so.  Getting booed by retirees at the AARP convention was something Sarah Palin couldn’t even manage.

It’s really too bad Romney’s so constricted, in reality he’s a center right politician, a great negotiator and probably could do something about getting Congress to move.  The problem is his current backers and would-be constituents won’t let him talk about that.  Compromise is the new “giving in” on the hill, remember?  This is why he’s reduced to promoting “Ideas” and not policies. This is why no one can nail him down on exactly what he’s going to cut, what he’d like to spend or any of the nitty-gritty details of what he’s “Proposed.”   That, of course, still leaves out the issue of how he plans to get anything he’s actually thinking about through a fiercely divided congress.  Consequently, he’s reduced to just getting by saying things to rich people in Florida like “Once I’m elected confidence will rise and we’ll get a big economic boost.”  I really don’t think the Governor actually believes in the “Confidence fairy.”  Or, I really, really hope he doesn’t.

I guess we should have known this was what the campaign would be like.  Right after he was forced to dump any credit for the Massachusetts healthcare plan, he must have known as well.  I think he deserves a lot of credit for that.  It’s an open, choice-based private carrier plan that's only regulated by the government.  For all it’s flaws, it works and it’s good for Massachusetts.  Unfortunately, it’s also the Affordable Care Act writ smaller, so he’s stuck talking about repealing a program based on his singular achievement as a Governor.  

This will make the debate tonight be very interesting.  We’ll be watching Mitt Romney on a tightrope, balancing his way through 90 minutes of tough fact-seeking questions all the wile firing off pithy and practiced one-liners.  At this point he may not be able to change many minds, the sides have firmed up with only a few voters left outstanding.  Let’s hope they stay up for it.  After all, he’s practiced long and hard for this, working out how to use this opportunity to look Presidential but not say anything foolishly substantial. 

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VietNam Vet October 04, 2012 at 10:52 PM
Hey Selene, show me a real professional and I'll salute him, but you can't. You can only show us a zero, that nobody knows anything about. This idiot is no where near a pro. may cat is more of a pro than this phoney jerk and hipocrite.
VietNam Vet October 04, 2012 at 11:01 PM
Prentiss, at one time I thought you were smart, but here we see just how smart you aren't. The teleprompter kid was lost last night because he didn't have a speach writer with him, that shows how smart he really is. Even the news media that you seem to love admits he was a bumbling fool last night and stumbled over his words and they all say that he lookedd way out of his element. He clearly lost the night, he looked more at the people and at Jim Leher and couldn't look Romney in the eye, which is very disrespectful. If someone can't look me in the eyes when he talks to me, I can't trust him at all. Anyone that does, can't be trusted either, because they are talking out of the side of their face, the lying side..... in case you didn't know.
Carole Kervin October 17, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Anyone who voted for BUSH has the blood of thousands of dead Americans on their hands! How embarrassing it must be to be a Republican. A Candidate who prays to a God called Elohim on the Planet Kolob? Voter Suppression? Voter Intimidation? A Vice President who calls RAPE just another form of conception - that women can shut their bodies down on legitimate rape? Outlaw In Vitro? 3 of Willard's Grand Kids were born In Vitro! If Obama had been debating W with such disrespect he'd be in Guantanamo by now. Willard has 27 BUSH ADVISORS! YOU REALLY WANT TO GO BACK TO THAT? Ryan's budget calls for one million job cuts in the first year alone - teachers, police and firemen! Giving huge tax breaks to the top. The last four years SUCK FOR YOU? Then you know 12 years of TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DON'T WORK! The state of Massachusetts called him one of their worst Governors. Didn't even tryto get RE-elected. Gave McCain 23 years of Tax Returns and McCain chose the Bimbo he'd never met over the Bilionaire who sends jobs to China!
VietNam Vet October 18, 2012 at 03:49 AM
Carole, I voted for George W. Bush and would do so again, because we need someone who has guts to stand up to the Iranian pigs that your boy calls friends. This jerk is a disgrace to the human race as you must be. Your are just another example of why we should've never given women the right to vote, it should have stayed in the hands of REAL men. This jerk is atraitor to America and so are you. You have got to be one of the idiots from the 60's who were VietNam war protestors, you were a disgrace and an embarssment to America and our troops then as you are today I can see you really are ignorant, because you really believe the bull this idiot throws out there. If he is put back in, I feel sorry for this country when he starts taking it down and destroying our economy and he starts dictating to the american people and tells congress we no longer need you, so you are all out of a job and he has this country working for him. I hope you can say I love muslim law because thats what your going to get from this pig traitor. I for one can say with a clear mind and heart I am a real american who fought for this country. It shows you have no idea what a real hero is in this world, as long as they are sniveling cowards like you, then they are hero's in your dumb book. I really feel sorry for this world with idots like you in it.
lixiao November 13, 2012 at 06:48 AM


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