Sandy Branches Need to Be Tied or Put in Barrels

Some residents missed rounds of debris removal.

Around Madison, officials have noticed piles of branches that seem to be 5 feet tall and large tree trunks that have been moved to the curb.

But residents should not expect the Superstorm Sandy debris to be picked up in that form, officials said at this week's Borough Council meeting.

After the storm, the Department of Public Works and contractors went around to clear debris, and no other large pickups are planned, Public Works superintendent David Maines and members of the governing body said Monday.

While Madison did a substantial amount of storm debris removal after last year's Halloween snowstorm took down numerous branches, Sandy's winds uprooted entire trees.

Councilman Rob Catalanello said Madison offers the usual curbside debris pickup until Dec. 21. Residents can bundle their sticks or put them in trash containers if they are 3 inches in diameter or less.

"We would ask that all residents try to do that as best they can," he said.

Maines said there were two rounds of heavier debris pickup, though the second round did not give some residents enough time to bring out all of the debris.

"I've been telling people who have yard waste—please tie it up, barrel it, do anything to help us out, we're done," he said. "When I tell that to some people, they get a little out of control. And then I try to calm them down and they want to make phone calls and call the mayors and council members."

The Public Works Department is in the process of grinding thousands of cubic yards of debris currently.

Mayor Bob Conley said residents should be sure branches aren't mixed in with leaves at curbside, and residents should arrange to have larger debris removed on their own.

The Public Works yard waste page says

  • Containers should have handles, not exceed 80 lbs, and materials cannot stick out more than 1 foot from the top of the container.
  • Twigs and branches up to two inches in diameter, may be tied in 4 foot bundles, or put in reusable containers.
  • Logs more than two inches in diameter must be cut to a maximum of three feet in length, and will be collected with the garbage.

More information about yard waste pickup is available on the RoseNet.org Yard Waste page.

Shawn Murphy December 05, 2012 at 06:53 PM
After calling the Department of Public Works regarding debris cleanup from Sandy I was told that all of the bulk debris has been picked up and to bundle anything left and it will be collected with normal leaf pickup through the middle of the month. I'm very confused. I received a Nixel alert from town about not putting debris out for two weeks (we put it ours out on week 3 after the storm) and now it's sitting in front of my house. Here's the Nixel alert from town that was sent to residents on October 30th at 2:57pm: http://nixle.com/alert/4906718/ DO NOT place brush (trees/limbs) curbside for the next 2 weeks. Streets need to be clear for electric utility repairs. I did as the alert said while many in town did not and somehow I'm penalized for this. Now I have to hire someone to pick it up. I also was told by the Department of Public Works that the alert did not come from them and they weren't sure why it said two weeks minimum. This is very disappointing and costly to me while it was a free service given to others who didn't follow the two week minimum request. I'd appreciate if the communication from the town was clear and messages were straight before sending Nixel alerts to residents.


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