Green Avenue Paving Demands Brought to Council

Frustrated residents set deadline.

Madison will apply for a state grant to repair Green Avenue in the borough and make fixing the road a priority, the governing body agreed on Monday after listening to frustrated residents decry the "deplorable" and "decaying" state of the road and submitting a petition to have it fixed by June 1, 2013.

But officials said additional information about other capital projects, such as costly repairs that are expected to be needed for the sewer system, and even the makeup of the council after the election could affect what ultimately happens with the project.

Based on previous bids, the project could cost approximately $550,000 and a state grant, if one was awarded, might cover $250,000 of the amount, borough engineer Bob Vogel estimated. Some council members said they expected the cost would be higher. Residents said the road needs to be fixed with or without state funds.

Councilman Robert Landrigan suggested $450,000 in FEMA reimbursement funds that are expected to start being paid to the borough could be used toward the project.

Resident Sandeep Bhatt was among the residents who said the road needs to be fixed.

He said mistakes led to Green Avenue not being fixed over the last several years and the governing body needs to ensure the mistakes are never repeated.

"The buck stops with the council and the mayor," he said.

Along with the June 1 deadline, Bhatt said the borough needs to set clear steps in the process and be transparent about how the project is progressing.

Resident Jerome Holzman said residents who live near the road ought to have their taxes lowered because it has been so poorly maintained.

Anonymous July 24, 2012 at 10:41 AM
We now have two people who don't understand what escrow is (and isn't), and how a borough ordinance appropriating money isn't even close to an escrow account. Money that is placed in escrow, because it is deposited into a third party's account, is no longer under the depositor's control, and isn't available for any other use. Money appropriated by council, but not spent, is still in the borough's bank account. But more importantly, it can be easily "recalled" by canceling the original ordinance. Just ask the sports folk about the $1M that the Dems supposedly put into "escrow" for the turf fields. Also, still haven't figured out how this is tied to FEMA money, which was the result of an event that took place after the ordinance (above) was enacted.
Robert McDowell July 24, 2012 at 03:51 PM
There was never an ordinance passed for monies for the turf fields ....... I am signing off on this one now!
Anonymous July 24, 2012 at 05:05 PM
From the October 10, 2007 Meeting Minutes - http://www.rosenet.org/uploads/25/october_10_2007.pdf 10/10/07-7 DEDICATE FUNDS FROM THE SALE OF 24 CENTRAL AVENUE FOR AN ARTIFICIAL TURF FIELD After extended comments and detailed discussion, and motions made, withdrawn, and restated, two motions were adopted as follows: 1) Mr. Conley moved to dedicate $1 million in the 2008 Capital Budget from the sale of 24 Central Avenue for General Capital purposes. Ms. Baillie seconded the motion. The following roll call vote was recorded: Yeas: Mrs. Holden, Ms. Baillie , Mr. Bowen, Mrs. Vitale, Mr. Elias, Mr. Conley Nays: None Mr. Conley moved that the Capital Budget for 2008 reflect funding for turf field or fields. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Holden and passed with the following roll call vote recorded: Yeas: Mrs. Holden, Ms. Baillie, Mrs. Vitale, Mr. Elias, Mr. Conley Nays: Mr. Bowen So where is the money??? With interest, it should now total over $1.1M!!
Robert McDowell July 24, 2012 at 08:31 PM
Not an ordinance
Anonymous July 24, 2012 at 10:58 PM
So this Fall, when Ms. Baillie is making promises about what she will do if elected, we should all remember that if they aren't in Ordinance form, they're worthless, just like her promise to DEDICATE $1M towards the turfing of the contaminated fields she purchased with our tax $$$.


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