PSE&G Accelerates Work Schedule at Borough's Request

Lincoln Place project, if approved, would now be able to proceed without company digging up what had already been repaired.

Lincoln Place is getting some work done. That part is probably evident to most residents who have walked or driven in its vicinity over the past week. But the reason why now instead of later may not be as obvious.

PSE&G was committed already to doing work on the gas lines underneath the road in the future. However, the borough asked the company to accelerate their schedule to accommodate the potential of the future capital project on Lincoln Place. Borough Administrator Ray Codey said the company agreed, as the borough didn't want to reconstruct and mill and overlay the road and then have PSE&G come in and rip it up for their project later on.

The Madison Police Department issued an alert through Nixle a week ago saying the construction would last for approximately a month, and that access to the road and parking will be limited during that time. The alert also said work will mostly be done Monday-Friday from 8: a.m.-5 p.m.

The Lincoln Place capital improvement project was on the recommended list submitted to the Borough Council by Chief Financial Officer Robert Kalafut and Administrator Ray Codey last month. However, that was before the borough had its state aid reduced, and with over $1 million to cut to reach the allowable tax levy, it is still unclear exactly what will make the final budget.

Main Street Executive Director Jim Burnet said at the Downtown Development Commission's meeting last Thursday that his suggestion would be to pitch the lowest cost option for the project to council, and then look to incorporate additional design elements down the road if funds become available. He said this would give the council the opportunity to see the project at its lowest cost. That proposal is to improve safety and the general appearance of Lincoln Place.

Burnet also echoed a sentiment the council has been hoping for, which is that it may be possible for PSE&G to subsidize some of the cost of the mill and overlay since the company would have had to repair what it dug up, anyway.

As of now, the one thing that is certain is that if the capital project is approved, the gas line work will have already been completed due to the accelerated work schedule.

David S April 22, 2010 at 01:47 PM
Though I think the DDC prposal for the redesign of Lincoln is a good one and should be done at some point in the future. However, I don't think this is the right time. With funding being pulled from the State, recent rejection of budgets for the schools, roads in town that are falling apart or were never properly completed (Rosedale, Brooklake, Woodland to name a few), I think it would be more prudent at this time to spend any available funds on maintaining the town rather than improving. This is a good time to catch up on what hasn't been completed rather than starting new projects. I hope the DDC and Mr. Kalafut will reconsider how we direct the limited funding we have while keeping the risk of raising taxes and continuing to increase utility rates to a minimum.


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