Do Campus Pubs Promote Underage Drinking? [POLL]

Whether Drew's pub does came up as governing body approved liquor licenses.

The on Monday voted to renew 14 liquor licenses, including one for a pub on the campus of that, according to the pub's website, has operated since 1974.

Drew's pub, though, was singled out by Councilman Don Links, who voiced concern having a pub on campus promoted underage drinking.

He then voted against renewing its license, and so did Councilman Rob Catalanello. Its license ultimately was approved, with the other four council members voting in favor of it.

Mayor Bob Conley said, if anything, having the pub on campus promotes responsible drinking because all laws must be strictly followed so it can avoid fines and keep its license. Councilman Robert Landrigan, who's a member of the ambulance squad, said drinking at the pub hasn't appeared to be a concern, and suggested drinking in the dorms might be more of an issue.

The pub is expected to move into a renovated student center over the summer, according to the Drew Acorn, the school paper.

While the renovation was underway this year, the pub operated from the basement of Sitterly House, sharing space with a student-run cafe called The Other End, the Acorn reported.

James Matarrese, writing in the Acorn before the pub found a new home this school year, said, without a pub, Drew was "left without a safe, regulated space for students who are of age to drink alcohol."

"Currently, students are limited to drinking in their rooms or at parties," he wrote. "While these options will be okay for some, there are reasons why some students may prefer a pub environment instead. A hallmark of the pub is its social air. ...  It could be considered, in fact, that the traditional role of a pub is to have a beer with a friend and talk about your day rather than to get utterly 'smashed,' as seems to be the goal with many college parties."

Renewed licenses

Club licenses ($180 fee)

  • Madison Elks Lodge
  • Center Pub Association of Drew University

Consumption licenses ($2,386 fee)

  • Shanghai Jazz
  • L'Allegria
  • Rocco's Tuscany Bar & Grill
  • Plaza Lanes
  • Propsect Tavern

Distribution licenses ($1,798 fee)

  • Bottle Hill Wine & Spirits Rx
  • Madison Wine Cellars
  • Madison Liquor & Convenience
  • Gary's Wine & Marketplace
  • Rose City Liquors
  • Whole Foods (inactive)
  • Sagar Beverage LLC (inactive)
Catherine with a K June 13, 2012 at 02:02 AM
The thing that encourages underaged drinking is the ridiculous 21 year old drinking age. Lower it to 18 again!


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