GOP Candidates Hit Train Station Early Tuesday

Holden, Barbato and Landrigan encourage residents to get out and vote.

Madison’s Republican candidates for Borough Council joined incumbent Mayor Mary-Anna Holden early Election Day morning at the train station to encourage voters to get out and exercise their rights before the day is done.

“It’s a reminder,” Holden said. “Some will say, ‘I’m voting for you.' Others will say, ‘I wouldn’t vote for you if…’ We take a lot of abuse, but it’s all about making an effort.”

“It’s not just about being in front of commuters,” Council candidate Martin Barbato added. “It’s a general ‘being out’ thing.”

Effort is important in a year where residents hope to see plenty of it from candidates, who are charged with addressing economic concerns. 

“This is going to be an important year,” Council candidate Bob Landrigan said. “It’s a tough economy, so residents want the right people in place who are going to do right by the town.”

“The important thing for this year,” Barbato added, “is that it’s been more difficult to manage local finances. Voters have the opportunity to select the people they want to solve difficult financial problems.”

For Holden, the hope is that her sixth mayoral election will be a successful one. The mayor also hopes that her running mates are elected by residents to create a team mentality within the Borough Council.

“With Martin and Bob, we’d have an excellent Council,” Holden said. “We’d have a strong team, one we haven’t seen anything like since 1999. Back then, we had everyone working as a team, working on the responsibilities in their departments. That’s something you don’t have today.”

Win or lose, the day will serve as a learning experience for all of the candidates.

“I’ve run before, and it’s usually a fun day either way, win or lose,” Barbato said. “You talk to people about voting, and you see how it plays out either way. It’s an exciting day.”


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