Madison Health Department to Serve Springfield

Shared service agreement will save Union County township more than $30,000 per year, Sprinfield's Board of Health chairman said.

Springfield Township has entered a contract with the Madison Health Department for public health services that was effective Dec. 1.

Springfield Township Committeeman Marc Krauss wrote that the .

"It is incumbent upon the BOH to find the best services for the best price," he wrote in a blog post on Springfield Patch. "We accomplished this through the shared services agreement with the Madison Health Department saving Springfield residents over $30,000 per year without sacrificing the level of services. It is my firm belief that Springfield residents are going to see more community outreach from the health department than ever before in the coming year."

The contract reportedly is worth $97,000, according to Union News Daily.

Madison Board of Health President John Hoover said the contract helps make up the difference after contracts with Morris Plains, Butler and Victory Gardens were not renewed. He said Madison has proposals with other municipalities out for consideration.


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