Letter: Tree Pruning Priority Post-October Storm

Madison Shade Tree Management Board gives update on cleanup efforts after October snowstorm.

Madison's Shade Tree Management Board gives an update on cleanup efforts after a .

Dear Madisonians:

It has been approximately ten months since the October 2011 storm that devastated Madison’s public tree population.  As we approach the fall planting season, the Shade Tree Management Board (STMB) would like to update everyone on the progress towards the massive clean-up effort.

To date, there have been a total of 175 trees removed, 130 trees were pruned or elevated to promote better health. More importantly, 375 public trees with dangerous or potentially dangerous hanging limbs have been pruned. The trees along Woodland Road, Colonial Way, and Commuter Parking Lot #3 have all been pruned and Niles Avenue work will commence shortly.

For the next year or so, the STMB budget will be primarily devoted to tree removal and pruning, reducing the number of new trees the borough can plant.

Even so, the spring saw 25 trees planted by the STMB. Thanks to the ongoing fundraising efforts of the Friends of Madison Shade Trees in partnership with the Garden Club of Madison, another sixteen pear trees were planted along Main Street. This fall the Friends of Madison Shade Trees will sponsor the purchase and planting of 26 new trees. Both planting endeavors will contribute greatly to restoring the trees lost to the storm while continuing to preserve and enhance our tree lined streets.

Lastly, The Shade Tree Management Board acknowledges, and is grateful for, the hard work of the volunteers, DPW and private crews, and all the personnel involved in restoring our home town.

Continuing in your service,

The Borough of Madison Shade Tree Management Board


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