Hoover Sees Infrastructure Priorities

John Hoover visited a Belleau Avenue home that flooded after Hurricane Irene.

The following is  a news release from GOP candidates for Madison Borough Council John Hoover and Carmen Pico.

Over the past few weeks there have been two Town Hall meetings to discuss infrastructure improvements, particularly Green Avenue and Samson Street from the Capital Budget, and about how capital finds are allocated, prioritized, and funded.

John Hoover, Candidate for Council, had the chance to visit with Dave Carver of Belleau Ave, who recently finished up the final work on his home repairs. The Carvers' house was flooded following Hurricane Irene when the storm and sanitary sewers collided and filled their house with sewage.  Mr. Carver discusses the check valve they had installed between their house and the sewer line. This valve is designed to prevent another sewer backup into the house should the public sewers be overwhelmed by another storm.

John, and Carmen Pico, John's running mate for Council, look forward to helping the council build on recent efforts to repair and improve the borough’s aging infrastructure, including the need to upgrade the capacity of critical components like the North St. Pump Station. Carmen has lived on North Street for over 20 years. He appreciates the efforts currently underway to update the North Street sewer station.

Two years ago, council re-established the Construction Review Committee to  review and prioritize the borough’s capital projects.  As a result, Council appropriated money for the North Street Pump Station, as well as the pump stations on Treadwell, West End, and Candlewood Streets.  The North Street Pumping station is about 50 yards from the Carvers' house.

Please share your thoughts and ideas. Visit our website: madisonnjgop.com, or email to: John Hoover:  johnfhoover@msn.com, or call 973-410-9688.
 Carmen Pico: umpire51@yahoo.com, or call 973-713-4472


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