Honorable Service Hearing Planned for Retired Officer

Board to discuss Sgt. Peter Iossa's pension.

The New Jersey Police and Firemen's Retirement System Board of Trustees is scheduled to hold an Honorable Service hearing for Peter Iossa, a retired Madison police sergeant, during its Monday meeting, according to a preliminary agenda.

The board is expected to determine whether Iossa's $4,342.50 current monthly pension benefit should be reduced because of "circumstances surrounding Mr. Iossa's separation from the Madison Police Department," a state treasury spokesman has said.

Iossa, who regularly made the most DWI arrests in the borough and in 2010 made more DWI arrests than any other officer in Morris County, after .

Iossa submitted an application to retire from the and his application was approved by the Division of Pensions and Benefits, New Jersey Treasury spokesman Bill Quinn said.

Officials have not said why Iossa was placed on administrative leave.

"Because of information that has been brought to its attention about the circumstances surrounding Mr. Iossa’s separation from the Madison Police Department, the PFRS (Police and Firemen’s Retirement System) Board of Trustees scheduled an 'Honorable Service' hearing to determine whether it should take action to reduce Mr. Iossa’s pension benefit," Quinn said.

The hearing originally was scheduled for March 12, but was postponed.

Iossa is receiving a monthly pension benefit of $4,342.50 based on his 23 years and five months of service as a member of the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System.

Iossa made 36 DWI arrests in 2010, half of Madison's total. He .


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