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District to Receive 34.6 Percent Increase in State Aid

Madison Public Schools earmarked to get $940,143 for next school year.

The will receive an increase in state funding for the second straight year after seeing aid reduced to zero in 2010.

According to numbers released by the state on Thursday, the school district will receive $940,143 for the 2012-13 school year. That is an increase of 241,450 from the $698,693 given to the district for this school year. 

The funding figures come two years that the district had its funding reduced to zero.

The aid represents a 34.6 percent increase from this school year's funding. Of the total amount, $853,323 is marked as special education aid.

Stephen Mindnich February 24, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Lisa........agree this is not a windfall, but hopefully the extra $250,000 will alleviate the need for a property tax increase this year. The reality of it all is that we won't get any meaningful assistance until the ridiculous Abbott rulings are abolished. On another note, is this increase the first sign of having Dick Codey representing Madison?
Time4Dick2Go February 24, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Surely you jest? The only thing we can expect to hear from Codey is his voice in the chorus of urban Dems bemoaning the fact that the Abbotts lost a few $$ this year. As for this "windfall" alleviating the need for a tax increase, according to the district's website the current budget is $38M, which means that the $240K is about one-half of one percent of the total budget. Better than no increase, but not by much. Finally, the $1.7M that Madison receives in state aid (municipality + school) is still about 5% of what it sends to Trenton in Income Taxes. When will Sen. Codey step up and make Real Property Tax Relief his top priority?? Madison doesn't need a 34% increase, it needs a 2,000% increase. That would be Fair.
Stephen Mindnich February 24, 2012 at 04:35 PM
That was a "tongue in cheek" comment about Codey, but it still is ironic,isn't it? Not a big fan of the man, and think it was probably throwing him a small bone that he can point to in his newly formed district. Just smart politics,that's all. The way to get real property tax reform seems to be twofold. First, the Supreme Court has to realize that all the Abbott decisions overstepped their bounds, and that the legislature has the authority to determine how education monies are spent.That means getting the two justices that Christie appointed confirmed, and then turning it over to the legislature. Second, the legislature has to do their job, and construct a fair and equitable plan for education spending. The Republicans badly dropped the ball in the last election as far as the second point above is concerned. They should have rallied around the proposal by the Senator from Warren County( whose name escapes me at the moment) to take all state aid, divide by number of students, and give all the same amount. While this idea may not be perfect,reforming education spending should have been their only issue in last Nov's election, and they should have made the Democrats run defending Abbott. With property taxes far and away the biggest issue for all NJ voters, they blew a big , big opportunity.
Susan Simon February 24, 2012 at 09:49 PM
It certainly is nice we are getting an increase but 90.8% of it is for Special Education. To actually lower property taxes the state must provide school districts with more money. Cutting payroll taxes isn't going to help our property taxes. The little amount of additional money that each person will receive in pay would go a long way if sent to the school districts. My hope is the legislature realizes this and stops the tax cut the governor wants. Susan Simon
Time4Dick2Go February 24, 2012 at 10:13 PM


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