Council Candidate: Residents' Input Crucial

John Hoover invites Madison residents to contact him, says he 'gets in and fixes things.'

The following news release is from the Madison GOP in support of Borough Council candidate John Hoover.

John Hoover, a Republican, believes there is a need for Madison to move forward for the benefit of all citizens, “But the improvements must be those the citizens of Madison want,” he said. “Their input is not only desirable, it is crucial. Collegiality and consensus are the oil that will make it happen.”

Hoover’s proven ability to identify, plan, and implement improvements in government and non-government organizations, large and small, international and domestic, establishes an excellent foundation to uncover issues, and design solutions. In addition, he is currently the President of the Madison Board of Health.

“My sense of community is a deep seeded commitment to people….to helping others become more self-sufficient. The same applies to Madison. The Borough needs to be an initiator, a source of revenue and service. Just as the Health Department is a supplier of services for a fee to 5 other municipalities, and growing, we need to change our paradigm. It is time to focus on revenue and provide a defined set of needed services at reasonable, minimal cost.”

“I consider one of my real strengths is doing and accomplishing. I don’t just sit on the sidelines and critique; I get in and fix things….do things. I walk the talk.”

Hoover believes the issue most on everyone’s mind is preserving a core set of desired services, maintaining and where possible reducing costs, and ensuring collegial, meaningful debate. “The services provided by the Health Department, police and fire departments add immeasurable value to the quality and preservation of life in Madison,” Hoover said. He also recognized the need to improve the infrastructure, eliminate unnecessary redundancies, and continue to support the many, many volunteer activities, as well as attract and retain businesses. “Downtown Madison is beautiful and there have been many efforts to encourage people to buy, shop, eat, and enjoy music and other activities, such as the annual Farmers Market. These efforts need to be continued and expanded.”

Hoover plans to walk throughout the borough to engage as many residents as possible to learn of he is on the right track, and to hear what they have to say. “What is it the residents of Madison want in the way of services? What do they like, and what do they think needs to be improved?” he said. Hoover also urges everyone to visit our website, madisonnjgop.com, send him emails at johnfhoover@msn.com, call him at 973-410-9688, to voice your ideas.


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