Borough Probes Enviromental Cases

Health Dept. visits construction sites.

Borough officials charged with direct environmental custody of Madison found several situations on their docket in the past week.

A complaint to the cited excessive noise at the construction site at 175 Park Avenue, according to information from the Health & Public Assistance Committee presented by Carmela Vitale at the Borough Council meeting Monday at .

Contractors were conducting concrete finishing operations at the time.

The site is the future location of the headquarters of real estate broker Realogy. The company is moving hundreds of jobs from its current location in Parsippany.

A Health Department officer was dispatched to the site, where a noise study was conducted.

After reviewing the results of the study, the officer decided noise levels did not violate levels permitted until 10 p.m.

In the second case, several previously undiscovered underground tanks were unearthed at the construction site at Greenwood Avenue and Main Street.

A survey of the situation determined that further remediation was required.

Esposito told the governing body that the Health Department would take a greater role in working with the Borough Engineer to ensure the safety of Madison residents and the environment in these cases.


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