A Message From Mayor Subrizi

With Borough Hall still without power and internet service, Mayor Subrizi wants to thank all those who helped pull New Milford safely through the storm.

I want to express my thanks, on behalf of the entire council and all the residents, to the first responders. In some cases that was the Police, Fire, Ambulance, Police Auxiliary or your neighbor. New MIlford has always been the community that pulls together. We are resilient and we will recover from this. It will take time and patience.  

Our first goal is to make sure everyone is safe. No one has been injured, or worse, and for that we are blessed. The second goal is to restore power to all. That may take some time. Please be prepared to be out of power for a week. We hope it will be shorter, but you should be prepared for longer.

Even though we still have communication problems in the Borough, and not everyone has internet all the time, we have been able to get information out on New Milford Patch as one way to keep our residents informed on what is going on.  

I find my phones and internet are working at times, and at times it seems like I am cut off.  The Borough server is still not operating, so I am working from my annsubrizi@aol.com address for anyone who needs to reach me.

Mayor Ann Subrizi

Ann Piccirillo November 02, 2012 at 02:35 AM
That's right, Jimmy. You need to save your receipt and submit it to the NMPD in order for any price gouging to be reported.
Nicholas D'Amelio November 03, 2012 at 10:38 PM
First I want to thank the New Milford Police Department for keep us safe and helping the citizens of New Milford during this storm. I just wanted to add my two cents about what I experiences this past week. I went down to the police station and ask if anyone knew what the problems were and when the power would return. The office on duty said that they did not have any information. It appears that PS&G does not share information with the town or the police department; the one question I have is, how could any police chief in any town know how to staff and deploy his office without knowing what the extent and the duration of a black out is going to be. With out good information the chief would have to assume worst case scenarios, which then puts a strain on our first responders. New Milford has one of the finest police departments as far as I am concerned. I just think these officers and the town have the right to expect better communications and more transparence from PSE&G. Our governor said the other day that we should know what is going on so that we could plan and make intelligent decisions. I do not think this is asking too much of PSE&G. This has been an on going problem with PSE&G and they have not done anything to improve their communication to there customers or to the towns that they server. Sometimes I think they do not realize there job is not only power reiteration but the safety and wellbeing of the people they serve


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