10 Highest-Paid Madison Employees in 2013

Borough Administrator Ray Codey was the lone non-police officer among the top-10 earners last year.

Nine of the 10 highest-paid Madison employees in 2013 were members of the borough police department.

The Madison Borough Council recently released a five-year study of employee gross pay. The findings are detailed on the municipal website in two reports, one by department and the other arranged by gross income for all employees. Employees who no longer work for the borough have been excluded from the lists.

Police Sgt. John S. Keymer was Madison's highest-paid employee last year with a total income of $177,804.97. The five-year analysis shows Keymer earned $155,138.09 in 2009 and went from $149,506.45 in 2011 to $186,551.13 in 2012 before earning nearly $9,000 less in 2013.

The data shows gross earnings that include base salary plus any step increases, longevity raises, overtime, standby pay and special duty compensation, according to the municipal website.

Borough Administrator Ray Codey, who ranked third at $159,156.95 in 2013, was the only non-police officer in the top-10. Chief Financial Officer Robert Kalafut was 11th with an income of $136,518 last year.

Darren Dachisen, who was promoted in 2013 to police chief, ranked 17th with a total compensation of $129,904.17. Dachisen, as a lieutenant, earned $147,559.49 in 2012.

Fire Chief Lou De Rosa ranked 18th with an income of $128,605.01 in 2013.

Here are the top-10 highest-paid Madison employees for 2013:
  1. Police Sgt. John S. Keymer, $177,804.97
  2. Police Lt. Dennis C. Lam, $176,376.29
  3. Borough Administrator Raymond M. Cody, $159,156.95
  4. Police Patrolman Carmine J. De Caro, $156,269.40
  5. Police Detective Paul J. Kosakowski, $146,610.70
  6. Police Sgt. James C. Cavezza, $146,053.42
  7. Police Sgt. John R. Miscia, $145,527.44
  8. Police Detective Kenneth R. Shannon, $140,779.67
  9. Police Sgt. Sean T. Plumstead, $136,692.76
10. Police Sgt. Craig W. Perrelli Jr., $136,590.44
Bob February 12, 2014 at 11:08 AM
Simple solution !!! Go apply and work for the police department and dpw so you can make the same amount as them
BeardedMike February 12, 2014 at 11:20 AM
No! It's not that simple Bob! We have to complain! We have to demonize these men and women that work to keep us safe! We have to begrudge them the money they work for. We have to make false comparisons with soldiers in combat, and insinuate that because Madison is one of the '10 safest towns' in NJ, our cops DON'T have a dangerous job. When people point that out, we refer to them as charlatans. We have to call cops fat cats, and moochers, and undeserving when they work extra hours for extra pay! How dare they? Then, we have to try to pit other public employees against them. Ugh. Disgusting.
MaxDuPont February 12, 2014 at 01:41 PM
I like what Aladdin wrote, keep the police happy and overfed so they wont be tempted into mischief. Same principle as the mafia, I would think. Clearly there is nothing Madisonians fear more than fear itself. Taxpayer money that should be educating our children instead feeds the police department. No wonder we have so many good private schools in NJ and mediocre public schools in comparison.
Patrick Franklin February 12, 2014 at 06:54 PM
The Police probably work endless hours of overtime to reach these salaries. Hire more Police to avoid overtime costs, or let the veterans make overtime. Or you could just complain like most people here…...


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