Squiggy the Cat Safe Thanks to Madison FD

Firefighters had to cut feline from wall to reunite it with owner.

Other than a little dust on its fur, a cat at 318 Main St. made it safely out of a tough situation thanks to the help of the Madison Fire Department.

Firefighters Kevin Williams and Robert Dunne were called by the homeowner to help rescue Squiggy on Wednesday. Squiggy was believed to have been stuck behind the refrigerator at the residence.

However, after Williams and Dunne removed the appliance they discovered no cat, but crying from beyond the wall behind the fridge. It was determined that the cat had actually fallen behind the wall and was trapped with no way to get out on its own.

Dunne used a mirror and a flashlight to locate the cat and watched from above while Williams cautiously cut a hole using a hand saw to allow Squiggy a way out. After about 15 minutes of cutting, Squiggy made his way out, as you can see in the photo provided by the Madison Fire Department.

The entire operation took about an hour, and the thankful homeowner is planning on having the area above the fridge closed off to prevent any similar incidents in the future.


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