Road Rage at Red Light, Truck Thieves Break Down

New Jersey's roads are filled with troublemakers in this week's OMGs from NJ PD.

Each week, Patch combs through the more shocking, surprising and often absurd alleged criminal acts and police-related incidents that unfold throughout New Jersey. Here’s what went on this week for “OMGs from NJ PD.”

Driving While Infuriated: This is one way to get your point across. Montville Police arrested a Clifton man for a road rage incident that can't really be called a heat of the moment decision. After another driver wouldn’t let him into a lane, the Clifton man waited until both cars were stopped at a red light before . The enraged driver didn’t get very far though—state police caught up with him shortly after and restrained his fightin’ arm in cuffs.

Think They Called AAA?: Trucks always break down at the most inconvenient time. Like when you’re trying to steal them. Would-be truck thieves in West Deptford managed to get a semi out of a truck leasing company’s lot undetected, but they had to . No word on if the suspects were picked up for hitchhiking.

Austin Powers School of Driving: A driver tried, and failed, to in Chatham Borough. Unfortunately, he decided to take matters into his own hands and tried to free the truck before police arrived. That only succeeded in damaging a nearby utility pole and landing him a ticket for careless driving. Those heights painted on the side of bridges aren’t just for show, you know.

Ever Heard of a Trunk?: In yet another case of criminals making it easy for cops, two suspects allegedly . Which was bad news for them when they were pulled over on a routine traffic stop in Lakehurst. The 10 visible stray bags were only the tip of the iceberg, according to police, who reportedly found 251 bags in all on two men. Hope they have friends with wheels if they make bail—the car they were in was seized for forfeiture.

Ink Runs Out on Cartridge Crooks: Last week of Madison Police arresting a New York man for reportedly stealing printer cartridges from Staples. Now cops say the man was making a ton of bucks off of this scheme. He was arrested, along with two others, for from New Jersey to New Hampshire. The thefts totaled more than $100,000 in stolen goods from the Garden State alone. There’s no easy button to get out of this jam, now a federal case.

VietNam Vet July 09, 2012 at 04:28 AM
Some things you just can't make up!


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