Resident: Fox Scratched Dog's Nose Hours Before

Nancy O'Brien believes fox that bit babysitter was the same one that gave her dog a bloody nose.

Nancy O'Brien believes the fox that on Longview Avenue on Thursday morning was the same one that gave her dog a bloody nose hours before.

Before a fox , a fox approached O'Brien's dog, Fenway, in the fenced-in backyard of their Delbarton Drive home around 5:45 a.m., she said.

O'Brien believes the fox, after the altercation, might have followed a path from the end of Delbarton Drive through Memorial Park to Rosedale Avenue, which is near where the other attack occurred.

O'Brien and her partner, Gina, ran outside after they heard Fenway barking viciously and found her face-to-face with a fox that was swiping at her, she said.

The barking and screaming woke their three children—Dante, 12; Marisa, 10; and Chiara, 8.

"Her bark was so vicious, I've never heard her like that," Nancy O'Brien said.

They pulled Fenway inside while Nancy O'Brien tried kicking the fox and Gina O'Brien fended it off with a scooper to pick up after their dog.

The fox, which O'Brien said appeared appeared small, wet and gray, was similar to the description of the one on Longview Avenue. She said it kept being aggressive and making sounds.

Police were called and responded in what seemed like seconds, she said. Two officers checked the perimeter of the property with guns drawn, but couldn't find the fox, she said. Messages have been left with borough officials about the reported incident on Delbarton Avenue.

O'Brien said rabbits have been getting into their yard, and she believes the rabbits might have attracted the fox.

Fenway's rabies vaccinations were good through 2014, and she was given a booster shot Thursday night, O'Brien said. A veterinarian checked the 70-pound dog all over and only found the scratch on her nose.

Borough health officer James Norgalis said the fox that was killed after the Longview Avenue attack has been delivered to the State Health Department Rabies Lab and results are expected Saturday morning.


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