Report: NJSP Brass Moved After 'Death Race'

High-speed state police escort was witnessed by Madison resident and resulted in suspension of Bloomingdale trooper.

Ten New Jersey State Police commanders were reassigned last week in light of internal investigations, a state police spokesman told the Star-Ledger.

The reassignments come as the police force down the Garden State Parkway at the end of March and another time in 2010, but the connection between the reassignments and the speeding escort investigation, if any, was not known.

The newspaper named a major and two captains whose reassignments triggered the shake-up, but did not know what role, if any, they might have had in the police escort for the speeding luxury cars, which one witness called "Death Race 2012."

A state trooper from Bloomingdale for his alleged involvement in the caravan. A Madison resident who witnessed the March 31 caravan after he reported the incident to authorities and his account of what he saw was obtained by the newspaper in the initial report of the escort.


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