Pizza Peel Used in Assault By 7-Eleven Employee, Police say

Altercation arose from an argument at the Ridgedale Avenue location, according to authorities.

An employee of the 7-Eleven in East Hanover on Ridgedale Avenue allegedly assaulted a costumer with a metal pizza peel, according to a police report.

East Hanover Police charged Ammar Tahboub, 56, of Clifton, with assault on Oct. 16 in connection with the alleged incident.

The report states that Patrolman Justin Donnard responded to the 7-Eleven at 6:37 a.m. after receiving a report of an assault with injuries.

Donnard found Anthony Governale, of Bloomfield, outside the store bleeding from the right side of his head when he arrived, the report said.

Governale said he got into an altercation with an employee of the store and was hit in the head with a stainless steel pizza peel, a tool used to insert and remove pizza from an oven, according to the report.

Governale said the argument started because he used the sink to clean his thermos and obtained hot water from the coffee area to make the oatmeal he brought from home, according to the report.

When Governale attempted to pay for a bagel, he was confronted at the register by the employee, identified as Tahboub, and the two began to argue, the police report said.

Governale told police he left the store and Tahboub followed him outside with the pizza peel and struck him in the head, according to the report.

Donnard spoke with Tahboub, who said the altercation occurred when he told Governale he needed to ask before using the sink to clean his thermos if he was not buying coffee, according to the police report.

Tahboub also said Governale became hostile, cursed at him, knocked his hat off, and threw the bagel at him, according to the report.

Tahboub then took the pizza peel and went outside the store to further confront Governale, the police report said.

Video footage from the store shows Governale knocking off Tahboub's hat and the two arguing, and also shows Tahboub throwing another object in Governale's direction before exiting the store, according to the police report.

There are no cameras outside the store, police said.

After Governale pushed Tahboub, he said he swung the pizza peel in an attempt to hit Governale in the shoulder, but struck his head instead, according to the report.

Both men filled out statements with police and Tahboub was arrested, according to the report. During processing, Tahboub complained of pain in his right shoulder, which he said was the result of being pushed into a wall by Governale, according to the report. Tahboub was released on his own recognizance.

Police took pictures of Governale's injuries and EMS responded and treated the laceration on the right side of his head, according to police. Governale was transported to Morristown Medical Center for further treatment, according to the report.

Tahboub signed complaints against Mr. Governale for harassment, simple assault and terroristic threats, according to Sgt. James Snow of the East Hanover Police Department.

Pizza Peel May 20, 2013 at 03:55 AM
I love metal pizza peels, but I never thought of them for self defense. Might have to write a blog post about that! L. Peel http://www.pizzapeelhq.com


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