Philadelphia Woman Who Legally Obtained Gun Faces Three Years in NJ Prison

Shaneen Allen discovered her permit to carry a gun in Philadelphia wasn't applicable in New Jersey, Chasing New Jersey reports.

A Philadelphia woman who legally obtained a gun may spend three years in prison for her honesty, Chasing New Jersey reports.

Shaneen Allen, 27, legally purchased the gun in Philadelphia. However, she brought the gun into New Jersey, and when she was stopped by an officer in Atlantic County, she said she was carrying the gun.

Her permit to carry and conceal is only applicable in Pennsylvania, meaning she could face jail time for being too honest, according to the report.

In New Jersey, any charges of unlawful possession of a weapon is considered a second degree crime punishable by a minimum of three years mandatory jail time.

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Tom Maras July 13, 2014 at 12:51 PM
How and by whom was the cop killed? Was it ' in the if duty'? The Federal government should be the one controlling carry permirs, under strick but reasonable standards. That way lawful citizens could travel from state to state, without fear of prosecution for carrying a concealed weapon. P.S. A worker on the NJ Turnpike maintenance department was just killed the other day, on the job, by a legal driver, driving a legal vechile. Want to beat which of the two deaths gets the most publicity and which public workers take more time off to mourn? In both cases, my sympathies and prayers to their respective families and friends.
William July 13, 2014 at 09:25 PM
By now you should of heard about The Jersey City Cop That was Murdered some will argue hat if the security Guy had no gun it would of never happened When the shooter had it in his mind to Murder a Cop. one way or another.
ThudNJ July 13, 2014 at 11:54 PM
A subject in Jersey City stabbed a security guard and took the guard's handgun. When a two man police car responded the subject shot and killed the officer on the passenger side and was then shot and killed by the police. The subject had claimed earlier that he would be famous. Of course the media has published his name and given him his 2 seconds of fame. So the copycats will keep on copying.
jersey girl July 21, 2014 at 01:15 PM
If the woman owns a gun legally she should know the laws period. Laws are the laws if we like them or not. I hope they cut her a break for being honest but it is her responsibility to know the laws. Ignorance of Law is no defense in the United States.
William July 21, 2014 at 08:24 PM
Thank You jersey girl. When a person legally Buys a Gun a Responsibility and Accountability comes along with it. Just as with a Drivers Lic. Even tho one is a Right and one is a Privilege. Ignorance is not Bliss. Plain and simple she broke New Jersey Law, No matter the excuse The court will decide not The Public Court of Opinions, Just because in Penn. one can walk in Buy a Gun and the law says you have a right to Carry, does not give you the same rights in any other states. And THUDNJ You really think The Federal GOV. would do a better job . IRS-VA- CIA -FBI Yea Right. And to repeat my Self To Obtain a New Jersey Firearm Purchasing Permit, Be it Pistol or Shotgun. It goes threw back Ground checks From Local Police , State Police and Federal ( FBI ) checks, So in essence She or any one from out of State should have more rights the a New Jersey Citizen. And THUDNJ it is The Federal Gov, Us Senators and Congress that are coming up with these screwy laws, So every time some one is found with a Loaded gun in their car from out of State or MEXICO where they bought it Legally Most with no Background Checks or Even a Drivers LIC. Where A Drivers LIC. will be given to the Illegals if obamanation has his way they just have to say I did not know it was Illegal I am Sorry, This whole story can go on and on with Opinions when IT IS THE LAW of New Jersey she Broke,


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