Madison Firefighters Rescue Fawn

Mother deer called attention to fawn after it got stuck in a window well at a Highland Avenue home.

Madison firefighters rescued a fawn that got stuck in a window well at a Highland Avenue home Tuesday night, a fire official said.

The responded to 20 Highland Ave. at 10:56 p.m. and firefighter Sean Norek climbed into the well, scooped up the baby deer, and released it on the ground, Chief Lou DeRosa said.

The fawn scampered off in the direction its mother, and seemed fine—more scared than anything, DeRosa said.

Firefighter Kevin Williams assisted with the rescue, he said.

The situation was reported by the homeowners who noticed the mother deer at the well.

Resident Jen Bauman heard noises and, at first, only noticed the mother. Then, she saw the fawn was trapped and reported the situation because she wasn't sure how the mother would react if they tried to help.

"She was right there," Bauman said. "I'm not going to get between a mother and her baby."

The mother took off into woods when responders walked to the yard with flashlights, and the deer didn't intervene as Norek lifted the fawn out of the well.

Once out of the well, the fawn "ran off in that direction, too," she said.

Her 5-year-old son, Matt, wondered why they couldn't keep the fawn after he saw pictures from the incident on the fire department's Facebook page. Matt and his brother Jason, 7, slept through the rescue, Bauman said.


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