Lt. Mantone Appointed Acting Police Chief

Formal process for selecting permanent chief will be outlined in an ordinance, according to a resolution approved by the Borough Council on Monday.

The Madison Borough Council appointed Lt. Jerry Mantone acting chief of the through Feb. 1, and a permanent chief will be decided through a formal process to be outlined in an ordinance, according to a resolution approved by the Borough Council on Monday.

The selection process will include an oral and written component, and a psychological evaluation, the resolution says. The New Jersey State Chiefs of Police Association will be in charge of the exams.

Details about who will be eligible for consideration will be determined at a later time.

The resolution specifies Lt. Darren Dachisen as the officer in charge in Mantone's absence.

Mantone, the department's Investigative Division commander and president of Project Community Pride, was hired as a special police officer in 1977, the same year he graduated from , according to his bio on RoseNet.org. He became a patrolman in 1980.

The acting chief appointment temporarily fills the vacancy left by . Trevena stays on the books as chief through Feb. 1 while collecting accrued sick and vacation time.

Anonymous August 19, 2012 at 08:09 PM
Your "budget" doesn't include the pension, health care, workman's comp or other personnel costs for the department. I only has salaries and OT. It also doesn't reflect the cost of outfitting the department's capital needs. If you scan through the actual budget - http://www.rosenet.org/uploads/3/2012recbudc.pdf, you should see the true costs: Sheet 14 - Building Costs - $75,000 Sheet 15 - Salaries & Wages - $3,600,000 Other Expenses - $260,000 Sheet 15d - Insurance (entire boro staff) - $600,000 (assume 25% of $2.3M of total based on % of total headcount) Sheet 17 - Utilities and Bulk Purchase - $200,000 (assume minimum of 30% of $700,000) Sheet 19 - Police & Fire Retirement - $750,000 (assume 75% of $1M) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total - ~$5,500,000 You may find places of over- or under-estimation, but the $5M+ cost is real. The fact that we pay our officers less only means we might have to become the base for a regional force, with other members joining our PD at our PD's salaries. A 10% savings due to consolidation would equal a Half-a-Million $$$$. That's real money.
Anonymous August 19, 2012 at 08:19 PM
"The mayor and council wasted $42,000 to have an outside firm do a study because they wanted the firm to recommend the merger. That $ could've been used to hire police." Seriously??!! Could you really hire and outfit even one police officer for $42,000? The true cost is about 4 to 5 times that amount . . . Annually, not just the one time they paid for a study. As for the rest, it's all FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. And it's how municipal employees scare residents into demanding that their local officials Do Nothing! Of course, later on, when residents get their tax bills, they complain endlessly about their escalating taxes without ever considering how their opposition to real money saving ideas locks them into the ever growing NJ Property Tax Nightmare. Wake Up people. If you want your property taxes to stop skyrocketing you need to support ideas that could SAVE YOU MONEY. The Status Quo is not your Friend, but it is for Public Sector, Unionized Employees.
ghost August 20, 2012 at 01:58 AM
Mr. Anonymous, I'm sure people in Madison now know exactly what I'm talking about when I bring up Mine Hill! People in Madison are intelligent! Thank you for providing those links that confirm what I have been trying to convey! I am guessing that your comprehension skills are lacking if you believe that Mine Hill saved money and received better services because that is not what I read! The article from the League of Municipalities (Mayors) was written in 2002/2003. Ten years ago! Sure, things were peachy then. Move up to the article you linked us to written just recently, Mine Hill CANNOT afford their agreement with Wharton for their police force any longer and are looking elsewhere. Of course Mine Hill is not going to publicly say that Wharton is not providing good police service, that would not be POLITICALLY CORRECT! Angelwings provided us with even more telling information. Angelwings said that if Mt. Arlington merged with Roxbury, the savings in the first year of merging would have been about $100! That's what you're going to roll out the FUD carpet for? Seriously??!! That doesn't seem like a good deal for Madison especially when we see that Mine Hill can no longer afford their merge with Wharton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our escalating taxes have been caused by both Trenton and our own town foolishly wasting money!!!!!! By the way, I'd gladly give up a $100. night out to keep my own police department too!
Bill Kingston August 21, 2012 at 03:07 AM
I agree with what has been said about sharing services, and in particular, emergency services. Savings are minimal at best and service almost always suffers where it can least be afforded in this critical area. And let's face it, any money saved is always spent elsewhere by politicians. It is never returned to the taxpayer. I hope this issue is never contemplated in Madison for emergency services. I feel very comfortable with my emergency services in Madison and it is money well spent in my opinion.
Anonymous August 21, 2012 at 05:07 AM
You couldn't have read all the material and still be raving about how Mine Hill got screwed. Ten years ago they couldn't even afford to hire a new chief of police. Wharton threw them a lifeline. The only mistake MH made was in agreeing to an escalator they couldn't afford. Now they are shopping their business around. Something they couldn't do if they still had a police department. I'm sure Roxbury, or some other surrounding community will offer them a good deal, after all, picking up a 3,000 person town with minimal criminal activity is a great gig. Either way, they'll still have a better policing force at a cheaper rate than they could afford today if the MHPD was still in existence. I will continue to point out that there aren't even suggesting that they would reform the department. Why is that? As for anecdotal evidence provided by someone (Angelwings) who's already made up their mind, it isn't worth the electrons it's stored on. If you read the story in full, you'll see that the fist year savings was about half of what would be saved each year going forward. After a decade, you'll have saved over $2,000 for the average homeowner. That's real money. And the cost of policing tends to increase by a higher than average amount So outsourcing the PD is the gift that keeps on giving. It's too bad that a few people who might see their public sector positions eliminated or changed have convinced sooo many that Change is a kin to the Apocalypse.


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