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'It's Really Bad Out There' on Morris County Roads

Traffic signals out, live wires on local roads and trees across highways were among the problems reported by the Morris County Office of Emergency Management.

Many traffic signals aren't working.

Downed wires—many of them still live—are across local roads.

And trees are blocking lanes of Interstate 80.

Those were among the numerous traffic problems reported by the Morris County Office of Emergency Management on Tuesday morning. The office urged residents to "use extreme caution" and "please stay off the roads" while crews conducted damage assessments .

"It's really bad out there, so please don't venture out," the office said in a Facebook post. "Lots of downed trees, limbs, and wires. Wires could be live, so stay clear. We'll keep posting as news comes in, so stay safe!!"

The following road closures were reported by the county, grouped by town.

Major Highway Road Closures

Please refer to 511NJ for a list of major highway closures as reported by NJDOT.

Below are reports Morris County OEM collected from 511NJ and municipal Twitter feeds, Nixle posts, or Facebook pages.

  • Rockaway Twp: All Traffic Signals on Route 46 are out. Use caution.
  • Jefferson: Route 15 at Berkshire Road, no functional traffic light.
  • Mendham Twp: Route 24 completely closed due to downed, live wires
  • Mt. Olive: Route 46 in the area of Mt. Olive Road blocked due to trees down with wires
  • Mt. Olive: Route 206 down to one lane in several locations
  • I-287NB Exit 47 ramp: As of 5:41pm, there's a Downed tree on I-287 northbound ramp to Exit 47 - US 202 in Montville Twp. Ramp closed and detoured use caution.
  • I-80EB Exit 30: As of 6:59pm, there's a Downed tree on I-80 eastbound East of Exit 30 - Howard Blvd in Roxbury Twp. Right lane blocked use caution.
  • Route 23, Riverdale: Traffic lights out on Rt. 23. No power.
  • I-287NB Exit 35: As of 1:05am, there's a Downed tree on I-287 northbound North of Exit 35 - NJ 124 in Morristown. 2 right lanes closed. 
  • I-287SB Exit 35: As of 12:31am, there's a Downed tree on I-287 southbound ramp to Exit 35 - NJ 124 in Morristown. closed.
  • I-287SB Exit 33:  As of 12:22am, there's a Downed tree on I-287 southbound South of Exit 33 - Harter Rd/US 202 in Harding Twp. Left lane closed. 
  • I-280EB Exit 1:  As of 4:06am, there's a Downed tree on I-280 eastbound ramp from Exit 1W - New Rd in Parsippany-Troy Hills Twp. Ramp closed. 
  • US-206: As of 6:31am, there's a Downed tree and Downed wires on US 206 in both directions South of International Dr in Roxbury Twp. All lanes closed and detoured.
  • US-46: As of 6:28am, there's a Downed tree on US 46 eastbound West of Main St in Roxbury Twp. Right lane closed.

Boonton Road Closures

  • South Terrace closed due wires and tree down.
  • Rockaway Valley Rd at Splitrock Rd - Down tree. Impassable.
  • Tree down on Farber near Old Beach Glen.
  • Fanny Rd
  • Morris Ave
  • Boonton Ave (rt 511)
  • Vreeland Ave
  • Lathrop Ave

Chatham Twp Road Closures

  • Fairmount Avenue closed from Meyersville Road to River Road. Trees entangled with wires.
  • Southern Blvd closed @ Woodmont by downed tree. Wires involved.
  • Shunpike rd closed between Lafayette Ave and Lenape Tr. Tree with wires involved
  • Fairmount Avenue closed at Hilltop Terrace. Tree down entangled with wires.
  • Green Village Road closed near Hickory Place. Tree down with wires.
  • Southern Blvd. closed between Fairmount Rd and River Road. Tree down with wires.
  • Road closed on Spring Valley Road near Spencer Pl and Blue Mill with tree down with wires.
  • River Road near Kincaid Lane. Tree down with wires.
  • Shunpike Ave. closed near Driftway St. with downed tree.

Chester Twp Road Closures

  • Pottersville Rd. is closed near #700 to the town line for live primary wires down across the roadway.
  • Old Chester Road is closed between Hunters Tr. to Chilton Rd. for wires and trees down.

Denville Road Closures

  • Old Boonton Road closed from Pocono Road to Farmsted Road, Wires and trees down covering road way. JCPL has been notified.
  • Casterline Road at Smith Road limited vehicle access due to tree on wires. JCPL notified

Hanover Road Closures

  • Cedar Knolls: E Hanover Ave by Morris County Mall in both directions due to tree and wires.
  • Traffic lights along the corridor of Route 10 East and West are out due to power outage. Barricades and cones set in place.
  • Hanover Ave between Ridgedale and Whippany Rd will be shut.
  • South Jefferson Rd
  • Cedar Knolls Rd
  • Parsippany Rd
  • Hanover Ave
  • Park Ave
  • numerous side streets
  • Lights out on Rt 10

Harding Road Closures

  • James Street closed at number #521 due to downed wires

Kinnelon Road Closures

  • Kinnelon Rd, Fayson Lakes Rd, Kakeout Rd, Sleepy Hollow, Mountain Rd, Colonial, Cabot, Lagoon, Ski, and many others are CLOSED.
  • Fayson Lakes Rd impassible at Miller Rd
  • Boonton Ave impassible at Lakeside

Lincoln Park Road Closures

  • River View Ave is closed due to down wires. Residents are urged to use caution when traveling thru area where there are downed wires.
  • Comly Road closed between Bog & Vly and West William Street due to downed power lines.

Long Hill Twp Road Closures

  • Long Hill Rd between Mountain Ave and Central Ave is closed to downed utility pole.

Roxbury Twp Road Closures

  • As of 6:31am, there's a Downed tree and Downed wires on US 206 in both directions South of International Dr in Roxbury Twp. All lanes closed and detoured.
  • As of 6:28am, there's a Downed tree on US 46 eastbound West of Main St in Roxbury Twp. Right lane closed.

Madison Road Closures

  • Route 124 (Madison Avenue) CLOSED in front of Drew University blocked by a tree down. NJDOT unable to respond.
  • Park Avenue/Elm Street CLOSED at Elm Street.
  • Pomeroy Road CLOSED because of trees and poles down.
  • As of 5:29am, there's a Downed tree on NJ 124 in both directions between Treadwell Av/Laurel Way and Elm St in Madison. All lanes closed.

Mendham Road Closures

  • Tempe Wick Rd between Cory Rd and Kennedy Rd closed due to downed wires.
  • Washington Valley Road closed due to downed wires.

Montville Road Closures

  • Horseneck Road between Changebridge and Brittany Roads - Closed
  • Horseneck Road between Passaic Valley and Brittany Roads - Closed
  • Rockledge Road between No. 37 and Vista Road - Closed
  • Passaic Valley Road between Foremost Mountain and Salter Roads - Closed
  • Millers Lane - Closed
  • Lake Shore Drive at Numbers 14 & 32 - Closed
  • Taylortown Road at Number 24 & 66 - Closed
  • Taylortown Road at Pond View  - Closed
  • Pond View at Number 7 - Closed
  • Tara Lane at Number 10 and Number 35 - Closed
  • Lenape Drive at Number 29 - Closed
  • Stoneybrook Road from Number 44 - Closed
  • MacCleay Road at Number 43 - Closed
  • Sunset Court - Closed
  • River Road at Number 65 - Closed
  • Changebridge Road between Cambray Road and Brittany Road - Closed
  • Indian Hill Road at Number 9 - Closed
  • Lorraine Drive at Number 11 - Closed
  • Two Bridges Road between Barney Road and Peace Valley Road - Closed
  • Two Bridges Road at Number 4 - Closed
  • Foremost Mountain Road at Number 4 - Closed
  • Forest Place at Number 5 - Closed
  • Douglas Drive - Closed
  • Ridge Drive at Number 22 - Closed
  • Village Drive at Number 15 - Closed
  • Hillcrest Road at Number 15 - Closed
  • Fawn and Deer Hill Drives - Closed
  • Hewlett Road at Number 31 - Closed
  • Changebridge Road between Cambray Road and Brittany Road - Closed
  • Cambray Road at Number 16 - Closed
  • Lorraine Drive at Number 2 - Closed
  • Marts Lane at Number 8 - Closed
  • Maple Avenue at Number 19 - Closed
  • Konner Avenue at Cheryl Road - Closed
  • Stiles Lane Bridge to Lake Hiawatha - Closed due to wires down in Lake Hiawatha
  • Boonton Avenue into Boonton - Closed

Morris Plains Road Closures

  • Granniss Avenue closed between Mountain Way & Cleveland Avenue with several poles broken and live wires down.
  • Multiple non-through streets in town closed due to down poles, wires and trees.

Morristown Road Closures

  • Ann St between Court Street & Western Ave.
  • Numerous wires down on Wetmore Ave, Mills St. and Cutler St., Ogden & Miller
  • In front of 95 Mt. Kemble Ave
  • Colonial Rd between Early St. & Washington St.
  • Morris Ave at the town line
  • Georgian Rd at Morris Ave
  • Washington Ave at Morris Ave
  • Washington Ave at Farrelly
  • Washington Ave at Olmstead
  • Lake Rd at Walker
  • Morris Ave at Washington Ave
  • Western between Ann St and Washington St
  • Conklin Rd at Washington St
  • Mt. Kemble Rd (202)
  • South St at Miller St

Morris Township Road Closures

  • Madison Ave (124) closed from Convent Rd to Old Glen Rd. Multiple trees & poles down. For now, Woodland Ave open as an alternate.
  • Mount Kimble Ave (202) closed from Sand Spring Rd. - Old Barter Rd. Multiple trees down.
  • Sussex Av (TPK) closed from Morristown line-Kahdena Rd & at Raleigh Ct with trees&poles down. W Hanover still open as alternate.
  • Mendham Rd (old 24) closed at Delbarton with trees & wires.

Mt Olive Road Closures

  • Wolfe Road is closed from Route 46 to Cassidy Road. Use Tree Top Road to access apartments and Mt. Olive Rd for Flanders Drakestown.
  • Flanders-Netcong Road closed. Downed wires.
  • Route 206 down to one lane in several location.
  • Route 46 in the area of Mt. Olive Road blocked due to trees down with wires

Parsippany Road Closures

  • Live wires down at intersection of Lake Shore Dr. and Vail Rd. Avoid area.
  • Traffic signals are also not functioning at Rita Dr. at Rt. 202. Officers in roadway.

Pequannock Road Closures

  • Jackson Avenue and Route 23 traffic light out. 
  • West Parkway exit on Rt. 23 South blocked with tree.

Randolph Road Closures

  • Dover-Chester Road & Route 10. Downed wires. All lanes are closed and detoured.
  • Budd St
  • Park Ave near Budd St
  • 128 Quaker Church Rd
  • Route 10 West by Jennifern
  • 186 Center Grove Rd to northbound traffic (between the Greek Church and Fords Rd)
  • 43 Calais Rd (near Morris Tpk.)
  • 194 Morris Tpk. (near Darlene Ct)
  • Sussex at Millbrook (traffic being diverted through the animal hospital.)

Riverdale Road Closures

  • Traffic lights out on Rt. 23. No power.

Rockaway Township Road Closures

  • Guy Street – Power out, Road Closed – JCP&L Notified
  • Mt. Pleasant Ave – Just east of Art Street, High Tension Line down, possible local outage. JCP&L Notified.
  • 77 Meriden Road. Tree down on wires. Unable to remove at this time. It is coned out. Use caution in the area.
  • 22 Woodside – Tree down on wire affecting resident at that location. JCP&L notified.
  • 87 Timberbrook – Tree on Wires. JCP&L notified.
  • 115 Green Pond Road. Wire arching, JCP&L notified.
  • 74 Sweedemine Road – Tree in Roadway. DPW responding.
  • 3 North Lea – Pole on fire. JCP&L notified 
  • Hibernia Ave
  • Hoagland Ave
  • Halsey Ave
  • White Meadow Road
  • Franklin Ave

Rockaway Boro Road ClosuresThe following are closed due to downed wires:

  • West Main Street
  • Lakeside Drive
  • Addison Ave
  • Academy Street
  • Hoagland Ave
  • Mt. Pleasant Ave
  • Franklin Ave
  • Hibernia Ave
  • Halsey Ave
  • Mill Lane

Traffic lights out:

  • White Meadow and Rt 513
  • Rt 46 and Franklin Ave
  • Rt 46 and 350 Rt 46

Note: there are many live wires on the ground and many trees are across roads. Washington Twp Road Closures

  • Schooley's Mountain Road from Camp Washington Road to the center of town. Downed trees


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