Clear Leaves From Curbs to Lessen Flooding, Madison Officials Say

Hurricane Sandy preparations are under way.

Leaves on Madison streets and storm drains could affect drainage and make potential flooding from Hurricane Sandy worse, officials said.

Madison emergency officials are checking equipment and personnel availability ahead of Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to impact the area early next week, and asking residents and landscapers to clear all leaves from the curb to minimize flooding.

A notice on RoseNet.org says the Office of Emergency Management is "directing all residents and landscapers to REMOVE all leaves from the curb.  This will help minimize flooding."

Leaf piles at the curb can be temporarily raked up onto the lawn from the street and then placed back on the curb after the storm, the notice says.

The borough notes the preferred method is to place leaves and grass clipping in cans or bags so they can be removed with the weekly yardwaste pickup.


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