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'AC Bandit' Likely Scared Off By Resident, Morris Twp. Cops Say

Martin Luther King Avenue home entered through window fan, laptop stolen before homeowner interrupts burglar.

The "AC Bandit" may have struck again, this time using a window fan at a Morris Township home as the point of entry instead of an air-conditioning unit, said.

A Martin Luther King Avenue residence was broken into early Monday morning, but the homeowner returned and heard glass break near the back of the house and may have scared the individual off, Capt. Rich Ferrone said.

According to Ferrone, entry was gained into the home through a window fan. Once the intruder heard the resident return home, the individual jumped out the window screen that had been cut out at about 1 a.m., Ferrone said.

In previous burglaries, the "AC Bandit" has exited through the back door. However, the individual needed to make a quick getaway this time and went out the same way as coming in, Ferrone said.

A laptop computer was the only item reported missing, Ferrone said.

Electronics and jewelry have been reported missing from the other incidents believed to be

While the most recent incident follows the "AC Bandit's" pattern, Ferrone said police cannot be sure if the same individual is responsible.

"It's possible," Ferrone said. "It could be a coincidence, it could be the same guy. We don't know at this point."

Ferrone said the resident was not able to catch a glimpse of the burglar.

The closest police have come to the so-called "AC Bandit" was on Saturday when Officer Victor Gallardo walking down a driveway toward an AC unit.

The individual, described as a black male in his 20s or 30s, escaped before police could get to him.

Ferrone encourages residents to keep their lights on timers if they are away, and to have their neighbors take in their mail and newspapers. The burglars are looking for vacant homes, he said, to quickly grab items and avoid confrontation.

The Madison Police, who also saw another recent AC break-in, with tips to prevent these types of burglaries from happening, which includes adding a sliding window lock and attaching warning stickers.

Anyone who sees other suspicious activity or has information regarding the burglaries can contact the at 973-539-0777 or the Madison Police Department at 973-593-3000.


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