Council Member Catalanello Discusses Madison 2020 Commission

Borough Council member Robert G. Catalanello said Madison Environmental Commission can pursue grants "without limitation."

In her Oct. 7 press release, Democratic candidate for Borough Council Carmela Vitale states, “Unfortunately, the current council majority chose not to renew the Madison 2020 Committee, and ... are not taking advantage of our accreditation with Sustainable Jersey” and available grants. 

As a current member of the Borough Council, I can say with confidence that Madison 2020 has never been discussed nor voted on during my council tenure. In October of 2010, when the ordinance to retain the committee was moved and voted down, it was neither the current council nor a majority council decision. 

If Vitale’s true intention was to discredit the council’s majority party affiliation, she should have said as much.

Vitale fails to point out that the Madison Environmental Commission can currently pursue grants without limitation and could do so from the time Madison 2020 was not renewed.

Not unlike her running mate, Democratic mayoral candidate Bob Conley, and his portrayal of public library funding, Vitale is attempting to politicize and oversimplify a complex issue in her efforts to paint the current council and its majority party in a negative light. 

She has played fast and loose with the facts surrounding this important issue. The residents of Madison deserve better than this sort of word-smithing and partisan politics.


Robert G. Catalanello

Madison Borough Council 2011-2013

Patrick Franklin October 25, 2011 at 01:28 AM
Who knows what to believe at this point. Even politics at its lowest form in a small town like Madison is full of lies and misleading information. What a joke.


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