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Update: Drew Senior Finds Donor After YouTube Plea

Judea Hill tells supporters, 'All of your commenting, sharing, reblogging and retweeting has been successful.'

In Judea Hill's latest video uploaded to YouTube Wednesday, titled "You Kept My Dream Alive," the 21-year-old senior tells viewers she is "humbled, overjoyed, touched and thankful" after the reaction to an appeal for tuition assistance she posted earlier in the week.

An anonymous donor offered to help her with the remainder of a balance owed to Drew so she can return to the school for her senior year, Hill says.

On Monday, the art major from Brooklyn . That video was titled "Keep My Dream Alive: Keep Me in Drew University," and said she and her family were experiencing difficult times financially because of the deaths of two family members.

Her appeal was shared on social media by friends and supporters, was viewed more than 1,800 times and became the subject of media stories.

"All of your commenting, sharing, reblogging and retweeting has been successful," she told supporters in her newest video.

Some donations came in, and then a person reached out offering to help her with the cost of the bill, she says in the video. The donor is a Drew alumna who she did not know and messaged her through Facebook, she told the Star-Ledger.

To people who prayed, sent kind thoughts, and gave contributions—"every single cent was felt and appreciated," she says—Hill expresses thanks.

And those who posted negative comments about her or her video appeal won't bring her down, says Hill, who aims to be an art therapist.

"No one ever got anywhere in life without a little help from someone else," she says. "And if I would have let my pride and embarrassment get in the way, I would not be a senior at a Drew and I would not have had so many people reach out to help me."

At center of the videos is her love of the Madison school and campus.

"I love this school, and if I didn't I would not have gone through such great lengths to remain here," she says.


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