Update: Warming Station Open, School Closed, Halloween Postponed

The latest information from the Borough of Madison.

From the Hurricane Sandy page on RoseNet.org 

We are asking all residents to stay off the road.  There are many dangerous road conditions.
- Once the travel ban is lifted, charging and warming stations will be open (hopefully later today).
- Don't put yourself in harms's way...stay safe and stay home.
- If you can, check on your neighbor.
- Madison Public Schools are officially closed tomorrow.
- We have extra electric crews coming in from out of town.  To be safe, please assume your power will be out for days.
- Assume all power lines and other lines on the ground are DANGEROUS.
- We have very limited shelter space.  Please shelter at home or with a friend or family member if you can.
- The water is safe.  Because of sewer lift stations, we are asking that residents in the following areas conserve water usage:   Lorraine, West End, Candlewood, Treadwell, Rachel Ave.
- If a non-town tree has fallen down, on your property then it is your responsibility.
- The electric line from the point of contact with your home to the meter and into your home is YOUR responsibility.  You can speed up the process if you get your electrician to take care of this issue as soon as possible.
- Halloween Trick or Treating has been postponed.  We hope to reschedule it for Saturday 2pm, but will confirm later in the week.
- The Shell Gas Station on Madison Avenue in Convent (near the Friendly's) is open.
- We are very proud of the job our staff, volunteers and first responders are doing under these difficult situations.  They are doing an excellent job and deserve our thanks and patience.
- Please call the Emergency Operations Center at 973-408-8787 for all non-emergency situations.  Thank you.


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