Union Beach Trip, Response to Shooting Top Local News

A look at the week's top stories in Madison.

Union Beach Field Trip Brings Madison Students to Help

More than 60 Madison Junior School students visited Union Beach on Wednesday for a field trip to help with Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts as part of Madison's boroughwide efforts to help the shore town.

Madison Schools Seek Normalcy for Students After CT Shooting

Madison school officials said Monday they have made counseling professionals available to students who express a need to talk about Friday's shooting in Newtown, Conn., and Madison's acting police chief said borough patrol officers were instructed to provide additional patrols at all Madison schools.

Munchkin Is Madison's Top Dog

Nearly two dozen Rose City pooches were entered in Madison Patch's Top Dog contest. Now, the votes have been tallied and Madison's Top Dog is Munchkin Mindnich, who joined the Mindnich family on Christmas Day 2011.

Madison Health Department to Serve Springfield

Springfield Township has entered a contract with the Madison Health Department for public health services that was effective Dec. 1.

A 25-year-old New Providence man was arrested for "huffing" after he allegedly inhaled dust cleaner to get high and was found passed out across a desk in the basement of a Madison shop, police said.


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