Madison Readers' Choice Winners 2012

Who has the best coffee in town? How about the best pizza? Here are your picks for Readers' Choice.

All this summer you've nominated and voted for your favorite local businesses in categories ranging from best auto shop to best dry cleaners to best place for coffee to best place for catering.

We've tallied all the poll votes and now it's time to announce the winners. See below for our complete list of Readers' Choice winners. In categories where no votes were cast, there were no winners.

Tie: Nicky's Firehouse and Nonna's

Winner: Gerlach's Jewelers

2nd place: Rose City Jewelers

3rd place: Emerson Elliott Goldsmiths Silversmiths Jewelers

Winner: Chef Loryn's

2nd place: C&J's Deli

3rd place: On a Roll and Atlanta Bread Co.

Winner: McCool's

2nd place: Baskin Robbins

3rd place: The Waverly

Winner: Elite Nails

2nd place: Jane's Nails

3rd place: Madison Hill Nails and Marc Anthony Salon

Best Bar

Winner: 54 Main

2nd place: Poor Herbie's

3rd place: Shanghai Jazz

Winner: Gary's Wine and Marketplace

2nd place: Main Street Wine Cellars

3rd place: Rose City Liquors

Winner: New Leaf Consignment

2nd place: Once and Again Consignments

3rd place: Sprouts Consignment

Best Bagels

Winner: Bagel Chateau

2nd place: Noah's Bagels

3rd place: Dunkin' Donuts

Winner: Investors Savings Bank

2nd place: Bank of America

3rd place: Somerset Hills Bank

Best Place to Work Out

Winner: Madison Area YMCA

2nd place: Bronco's Gym

3rd place: Florham Park Fitness and Curves of Madison

Winner: Madison Cleaners

2nd place: One Hour Modernizing Dry Cleaning

3rd place: Golden Cleaners of Madison

Winner: Marc Motors

2nd place: Tommy's Garage

3rd place: Heilmann's Gulf

Winner: Plaza Lanes

2nd place: Clearview Madison Cinema

3rd place: Museum of Early Trades & Crafts

Winner: John F. Nittolo & Son Electrical Contractors

2nd place: 3-way tie

Winner: European Elegance

2nd place: Cottage Charm

3rd place: Wild Things

Winner: Tons of Toys

2nd place: Sages Pages

3rd place: Jabberwocky

Winner: La Rosa Chicken

2nd place: Chef Loryn's

3rd place: Bento Grill and Italian Village

Winner: Stop & Shop

2nd place: Whole Foods and Shop Rite

Winner: Five Guys

2nd place: Poor Herbie's

3rd place: The Waverly

Winner: Whole Foods

2nd place: 3-way tie

Winner: Caruso Landscaping

2nd place: Limbach's Landscaping

3rd place: Coviello Bros. and J&M Home & Garden

Winner: Drip

2nd place: Dunkin' Donuts

3rd place: Starbucks and Quick Chek

Winner: Restaurant Serenade

2nd place: 3-way tie


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